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  CustomIndicator team is is proud to give you access to a revolutionary and modern technology for day-to-day forex trading. Giving a way to latest developments in mathematical analysis for financial applications (Data Mining), team of programmers and mathematicians have developed an excellent indicator  of future market movements. This is a complicated multi level analytical process of discovering patterns in large data sets involving methods at the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics and database systems.
Custom indicator uses digital neural networks and algorithms of self-learning for formulating mathematical expectation for the chosen financial tool. CustomIndicator provides future movement predictions for the 1 Hour (1H) and 1 Day (1D) periods for the financial object of your choice. The actual tools (financial instruments) could be found at

Custom Indicator is available for online usage(Online charts section). Below are screenshots and online charts that are available for registered users.

Online charts


Gold line is a result of the Custom Indicator’s prediction based on Data Mining process.

CustomIndicator is a vital supplement of your attention, memory and intuition, which is possible only due to latest progress in computer technology and mathematical thought.

CustomIndicator does not decide for you to enter the market, but it shows you the result of profound analysis of information and shows where the graph will go in future with highest probability possible. We have noticed that in non-volatile markets (not sensitive to fundamental news) CustomIndicator provides reasonable forecast.
Our goal is to give you the additional instrument for your trading to become even more successful and reasonable. For example, you may think of EURUSD going up  and CustomIndicator shows the uptrend. You may go along with this instrument according your feelings and CustomIndicator predicted movement. Or other ways, your expectations are not going on together with CustomIndicator forecast. In that case it would be  recommended not to enter market if you are not 100% sure in positive outcome of your decision. It is extremely clear, powerful and cheap tool for traders! Currently we are providing just few forex symbols, commodities and indexes for our customers.

We can analyze almost any market instrument for you. Just ask us and we will do this for you. 

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